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Minecraft got fun (again)

WARNING! This post will suggest you downgrade! Don’t worry though, it’s easy to come back to current… ūüôā

I’d been getting bored of Minecraft recently. Sure, v1.8.1 is out and has it’s pretty NPC villages and all, but when you’ve dug out a half dozen 80×30 mob grinders on a half dozen maps, the thought of digging out yet another starts to grate. Then I watched the starts of a series of vlogs by Yogscast, and my love of the game has returned in spade-fulls.

The secret? It’s a mod pack called Technic 2¬†by Kakermix, and it’s a bit of a beast; not to install, that took a few seconds, but to make use of – more on that in a moment however.,

So, what do you get that has rekindled my enjoyment? It’d be easier to explain what you don’t get because there are just so many mods inside it:

Note: Before anyone notices and complains, I “borrowed” the above list from the Yogscast guys video… I wasn’t about to re-type it!

The big ticket things are machines, electrical power generation, automation… the list goes on and on. You can build machines to mine/quarry for you, pass the results through pipes to automated crafting benches, and have them send their output to auto-stacking chests, all without the need for any further player interaction after the initial set up.

Now, all this loveliness comes at a price, and that price is you must be running v1.7.3 to have the many mods working in harmony. Having said that though, someone has thought of that too, and a further tool lets you patch your Minecraft installation back and forth with relative ease.

Finally, if you do decide to take the plunge and install Technic, in addition to watching the Yogscast videos, can I humbly point you at Garfu’s excellent¬†Minecraft: Technic Modpack Guide

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