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Updated: Minecraft v1.8.1 – initial thoughts

So, is it just me? Every time it rains, it also rains inside the house I’m building. Wooden stairs make up the roof, and the ground floor is wooden planks, but the rain appears to ignore that and falls straight through to the basement. I can either chop out the wooden blocks one at a time and put them back in (which makes them solid against the rain again) or put down a layer of dirt which really is solid against the rain.

And as for the updated minecraft4kids HD texture pack, stone blocks feature tiny fire and portal texture squares on them (making the pack pretty much unusable for me).

Update: The problem with stone blocks in minecraft4kids was actually a problem in Kahr’s MCPatcher HD Fix. All you need to do is reapply the patch a few times and that makes it apply successfully.

It’s not been a great v1.8 experience so far.

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Glad I’m not the only one with that weirdness in the Minecraft 4 Kids texture pack on the stone blocks… I agree, MC 1.8 is very wet, I spawned for the first time and immediately fell into the sea, then swam around in the rain for quite some time looking for a suitable place to build a house (which I have not yet found where someone hasn’t already built)… I am now out of food in my food bar (although it was quite full when I last left the game, I swear) and I am homeless. Currently I am taking refuge in your house (hope you don’t mind!) surrounded by spiders and those damn mobs that explode when you go near them, so being extra extra careful not to go outside at the moment.

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