I’ve got a Minecraft server

OK, so despite my last post, things have changed again. It’s now a plain Vanilla 1.8.1 with a bunch of mods installed. In order to connect to it and get the very best gaming experience you *will* need the following prerequisite mods installed:-

  1. Risugami’s ModLoader
  2. Flan’s ModLoaderMP
  3. SpaceToad’s MCForge
  4. JCLA3114’s XP Orb Fix (Optional, the server has it so client’s don’t strictly require it)

Make sure you run the client once after installing the prereqs!

Then install these mods:-

  1. Alblaka’s IndustrialCraft2 (1.23)
  2. CPW’s fixed version of Zippinus’ Advanced Machines for IndustrialCraft2
  3. F4113nb34st’s More Composite Armor for IndustrialCraft2
  4. F4113nb34st’s More Tree Taps for IndustrialCraft2
  5. SpaceToad’s BuildCraft (2.2.5) – All parts
  6. Zeldo’s AdditionalPipes for BuildCraft (rev 29)
  7. Eloraam’s RedPower 2.0 (Prerelease 3b) – All parts
  8. Ali4z’s Wireless Redstone (1.4)

NOTE: List subject to change, I’m doing this from memory…

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