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I’m getting a Minecraft server

Actually, it’d be more accurate to say I’ve got a Minecraft server (and Ventrilo server) from Multiplay, but I’m not ready to have friends on yet. Right now, it’s a default Bukkit server running on vanilla 1.8.1, but I intend to install the various machine mods (IndustrialCraft2, BuildCraft2.2, AdditionalPipes, RedPower2, Wireless Redstone, PortalGun, etc., etc.) so it’s as close as I can get to my current SSP build; that’s right, I’ve stopped using the Technic2 pack.

See, it turns out that quite a big chunk of the Technic 2 pack annoyed the hell outta me once I’d spent more than a few days playing with it (Mo’ Creatures, Millenaire) and moving over to the mods I did like, along with a few more, in 1.8.1 so I get the very latest versions of the mods I like, has kept my interest for far longer.

Since I really like the camaraderie and challenge of SMP, I’m going to try to capture as much of it as I can before Minecraft goes gold. My only annoyance/upset? No Equivalent Exchange for SMP (yet…). We live in hope (both direwolf20 and myself)…

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