PMUK Plays… 1.0

It’s official, I’m closing down my Minecraft Beta v1.8.1 Let’s Play series (will upload the last of the currently recorded footage, another 20 episodes or so, but won’t be recording any more) and moving over to Minecraft v1.0. Almost all the mods I’ve been waiting on are updated to v1.0, so the time feels right.

I’ve already updated my PMUK Plays… page here with the opening mod list (and the “just waiting on updates” list too) and I’ll be recording an episode zero tonight to list the mods, explain the play style, and hand out the seed again. Other than that, given I’ll be out of the UK for 2 weeks over the coming festive break, and I’m not taking my gaming rig with me to record videos, it’ll be the start of January (first weekend at a wild guess) before I get started on the series proper.

And finally, for those of you that care, I’ll be making my v1.8.1 save available for download. I had originally intended to keep the save to myself until the series was over, and that time is now (ish…)

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