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Machine Crusade hijacking content

Now that I’ve put something in place to alleviate it, I thought I’d make mention of my site (and a number of other blogs if my 404 logs are to be believed) being illegally proxied by three “Machine Crusade” domains;, and They weren’t redirecting users to here, just flat-out proxying my copyrighted content via their domains (which necessarily hits my 404 logs).

For now, I’m actively rewriting their domains back to mine in my config (so if you normally get to my content via one of their domains, don’t be shocked or surprised when the URL in your address bar changes to readers will get to the correct domain without having to do any extra work on their part, and I should stop getting 404’s for their domains.

Longer term, my VPS is being IP renumbered (all my end of stuff is done, just waiting for my supplier to stop routing the old IPs) and when that happens, their name server entries will no longer work. I can but hope they’re too stupid to notice.

FYI: Yes, I have checked with whois who the owner of these domains is, but they’re using GoDaddy’s Domain By Proxy service, so I can’t write them an impolite email telling them to bugger off…

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