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PMUK Plays 1.0 and Minecraft 1.1

I’ve just done my traditional “check on mod support for the current release, having waited a little while”, and it turns out that most everything is v1.1 now. With the exception of Advanced Machines, Equivalent Exchange, and Thermometer for IC2, my “modpack” is v1.1 compatible.

As for specifics: Advanced Machines is a bit of a pisser; I am really liking Solar Arrays and have an LV in Season 2 already. As for all the rest, Alblaka has introduced his machine upgrades and made them unnecessary IMHO. Nonetheless, Zippinus has stated he’s working on 1.1 compatibility, so I may very well end up with the best of both worlds (hmm… vanilla IC2 machines with plenty of Overclocks, powered by AM Solar Arrays… Interesting…).

Equivalent Exchange v6.0 will be 1.1 compatible and is in beta testing right now (thanks for the heads up Direwolf20). I’m looking forward to some of the changes, but dreading others: my diamond factory has been *completely* nerfed by the looks of it.

Thermometer for IC2 is totally non-blocking however; I can get by without this for a good long while yet, I may not even bother with Nuclear.

So, when AM and EE make it to 1.1 compatibility, I think I’ll be upgrading.

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