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PMUK Plays Minecraft – New Series Alert

Well, if you haven’t seen already, I’ve started (yet) another LP series on YouTube. This series is the logical progression from my “Plays 1.0” series, and as such it is inheriting the “primary series” roll. You should think of it as “Plays 1.0 Season 2”, but I’ve installed 1.1 and all the appropriate mods (including BC 3 alpha) for it.

Episode 1 is up already, but in a break from tradition (and I blame BDoubleO entirely for this) I’ve “skipped” a lot of early stuff (punching wood, living in a hole, strip mining like a mad man) and already have a pretty good house, a well specified EE room, and the starts of an IC2 room. More fun and excitement to come!

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By PantsManUK

Twenty-plus years in IT and/or gaming in one form or another. My proudest moment was getting through Jet Pac on the Sinclair Spectrum 48K ;-)

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