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(Re: the season/episode numbering, I’m hopeful 🙂 I’ve learned an important lesson from the end of S1)

New regime with season 2; I want to post my plans for each episode in advance so you all know what is coming and have a chance to comment. With that in mind (along with my “EE as soon as possible” plan), episode 1 will see me found a small underground house (I did this this morning), sink a strip mineshaft and find some Diamond and Redstone Dust in preparation for a Nether trip for Glowstone Dust in episode 2 (then I will make a Philosopher’s Stone), and finally make a big sugar cane farm (21×21 or thereabouts) so I can make an Energy Collector a little more easily in episode 3. By the end of episode 1 I also hope to have a D-765 Diamond Drill and a Batpack, and a small Solar Flower/BatBox combo to charge them both.

Chances are there’ll be a lot of “off-camera” work for the Redstone Dust and Diamond, everything else I should be good to do “on-camera”.

Update: S1E001 completed, and all boxes ticked: I got the small underground house built (a single 7x7x3 room, with a bed even!), a small strip mine that yielded a surprisingly good number of Diamonds and Redstone Dust, a Diamond Drill, a Batpack, a Generator (realised I couldn’t make anything more complex as far as power generation goes without a proper IC2 machine room), and I made a good start on a 21×21 Sugar Cane farm (which will tick all the boxes once I make a start on the Forestry machines).

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