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So, episode 1 completed with all boxes ticked, time I explained episode 2.

The plan is quite a small/simple one, get some Glowstone Dust and make a Philosopher’s Stone (my first proper step down the alchemy path). The Glowstone Dust necessarily means a trip to the Nether, so I’ll need a Nether Portal, and that in turn means collecting or making Obsidian; I’ll make an Obsidianator, it gives guaranteed results, unlike searching for natural Obsidian.

Once again, I did some of this before I left for work this morning, but no spoilers today ;-).

Update: All tasks completed with total success. I made a small (10 block) Obsidianator and got 20 Obsidian from it without too many lava accidents, made a Nether Portal and journeyed to the Nether. After a little hunting and digging a spiral staircase I found a Glowstone outcropping and got the necessary Glowstone Dust; no Ghasts were involved, which was *really* nice. Finally, came home and made the Philosopher’s Stone to close out the episode (sorta…)

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