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Tick, tick, ticky, tick… Doubled up on the Collector and Condenser, and all four are now working away like demons on episode 6.

What’s the plan, I hear you all ask? Make an Anti-Matter Relay, says I. This is the (for the present) final EE episode, as this will move my EE production into high gear. Once I have a pair of AMRs, I will pretty much have all the Mobius Fuel (and the lower fuels) and Dark/Red Matter (and lower matter) I could every need, especially once I double up again to four Collectors/Condensers with AMRs inside the cros of them.

This episode is going to take a pretty long time though; making the first eight Dark Matter Blocks for the first AMR will take something like 32 Minecraft days (non-stop)! Of course, once I have the first AMR, the second should be much quicker to produce Dark Matter Blocks for if I can keep the first AMR filled with EMC (can you say “strip mining for gash Dirt, Gravel, Sand and Cobblestone”?). Eventually (past episode 10 in my current plans) I will make a Cobblestone factory, which is of my own design (I feature it in my 1.8.1 LP series, but then figured out how to make it “stack” for huge quantities of Cobblestone using a single Obsidian/Teleport pipe), to keep the AMRs fed with EMC.

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