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PMUK Plays MC Season 4

Thanks to tireless work by Pahimar, Equivalent Exchange 2 for v1.2.3 is out. As of sometime tonight, that’ll mean I’m ready to start on season 4 of my LP series (once I travel from the spawn village on my server to where I’m going to start the LP). However, I think it’d be prudent of me to hang on until the weekend to actually start recording, I’d like to do a quick “introduction to the server” video before that so you all know what to expect.

Just to “heads-up”, I’m going to start with some wood punching etc, but my intention (at the start) is to follow the EE “Getting Started in v6” guide to the letter; well, as closely as I can… there’s no promises of finding diamond in any particular strip mining operation, after all (at least until I have a Mk3 Divining Rod, that is).

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