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Plan for the upcoming long weekend

Not sure if you’ve been told this, but at the end of last year I bought myself most of the bits to build myself a new gaming computer (Core i7 2600K, Gigabyte mobo, EVGA 570 GTX – it’s what I do all my PMUK Plays videos on) and that the long-term plan was to water cool it with a pair of loops; one for CPU and RAM, and the second for mobo and GPU (best heat distribution I could come up with in my head – CPU and GPU being the hottest parts). I currently run it air cooled because speccing up two separate water cooling loops isn’t cheap.

Well, this coming 4-day weekend, I’ll get properly started on the water cooling. I’ve got the blocks for the CPU and GPU, along with the radiators and the proper RAM (16GB of Corsair Dominator, yum). I’m just looking to get the interconnection lengths right and ensure the pumps/reservoirs all work without leaking as a first step, and once I get the RAM and mobo blocks, I’ll add them into the loops and test again before installing in my case.

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