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PMUK Plays Server and MC v1.2.5

It’s all starting to come together for the server upgrade to MC v1.2.5. Last night/early this morning Chicken Bones updated NEI for v1.2.5 (and dropped the requirement for MLMP at the same time), so I’m only waiting on EE2 SMP support for v1.2.5 and the server can be updated.

I’m giving consideration to going SSP while I wait for EE2 SMP for v1.2.5, given I’m the only player on the server at present. Pahimar has already done an SSP-only release with v1.2.5 compatibility. I believe I’m right in saying he’s looking to drop MLMP as a requirement on SMP and that is what is taking the time; Forge/FML being different to MLMP.

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By PantsManUK

Twenty-plus years in IT and/or gaming in one form or another. My proudest moment was getting through Jet Pac on the Sinclair Spectrum 48K ;-)

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