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The King Is Dead!

“Long live the king!”, as the saying goes. It’s been a long old while since I posted anything, and longer still for Minecraft, so let’s try to redress that, shall we?

Season 4 as had been described previously is over. I won’t drag over the bones, but I just stopped enjoying it a fair old while ago (hence the Vechs map and FTB video series). EE2 is massively OP (I know it, you know it, Pahimar knows it… that’s why he’s hard at work on EE3), and that’s an end to it. We mourn your passing, season 4…

(New) Season 4 will be along just as soon as the FTB team release their lovely new modpack; I really enjoyed playing with all the mods again in FTB, and their new modpack will give me everything I had in seasons 2&3 (and while doing FTB), and a whole lot more besides, and I honestly believe it’ll make for a great season/series (esp. if I can get it running on my server).

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