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So, still no FTB modpack yet; they’re waiting on RP2 right now, but if you follow any of the folks over on the ForgeCraft server (PahiCraft as was) you’ll know that Eloraam does have a build running in 1.3.2 now. Very early alpha at this stage, but I see this as being *very* positive. There’s currently no Equivalent Exchange for 1.3.2 either, but as previously mentioned, I don’t see that as a bad thing… EE2 was OP to the point of being ridiculous, and since EE3 doesn’t use worldgen adding it in later won’t be a hardship for them.

Right now, I’m getting set up for streaming (, but until my lovely ISP doubles my bandwidth it’s an exercise in futility; too many dropped frames. Having said that, it’s good to test things, I’m close to having a usable stream (even with my current bandwidth), and I’m enjoying my infrequent streams… I’m mostly playing with ComputerCraft currently, but I also enjoy the odd KSP launch. I don’t announce my stream tests currently, but if you see me on, drop by.

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