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All quiet on the western front…

Plenty of stuff happening, but none of it gaming related… I’m officially “off grid” and it’s going to stay that way for another month (at a guess).

I bought a flat with a friend of mine, and other than the three months of actually arranging the purchase, we’ve had a month of hell moving from a rented 2.5 bed house (with attic space) to a 2 bed apartment. Downsizing FTW!- we hired the largest skip we could get as a residential customer (16 yards; that’s big) and filled it in a couple of days, plus four trips to a local charity shop (Croydon Animal Samaritans – love ’em to bits) with so much stuff it’s not funny, then finally had a couple of trips to our local recycling centre with the remaining bits and bobs.

Only problem we have now is that it took us two weeks (and then an hour on the phone) to get BT to acknowledge our flat exists (when flats on the second floor and above of our phase of the development have existed since before we moved in… nice joined up thinking there BT! Ya didn’t think people would want to live below the second floor???). We’re scheduled for a telephone line install on the 15th May (AM, we’ll see…) and then, and only then, can we talk to them about broadband! I’m desperately hoping that the “you can have BT Infinity!” email I received a couple of days ago is correct and we can get BT’s fast fibre offering; their website also says we can, but it also says because I’ve got an outstanding order I can’t make changes… Again with the joined up thinking BT!

Still, we’re just about sorted as far as “communal space” in the apartment goes, which is nice. And in a perfect example of the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, the battery on my UPS decided it would die last night (only the second time I’ve turned my rig on since moving mid-April); mere days after we don’t have a hire vehicle so I can get it to the local recycling centre easily… Oy!

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