Fix My Lighthouse!

Got the four hose clamps from WCUK today; little later than I was expecting, but still, they’re here before the weekend so I stand a chance of getting my gaming rig running again by lunch time tomorrow. Might well test clamp the pump out of the loops tonight to see how easy or otherwise it will be to sort if. If it proves to be very easy, might even fix it tonight and get some Minecraft under my belt; my YT subs have been without any output for a fortnight now, plus I’m Jonesing for some DotA 2; it just doesn’t play the same on my MacBook Air.

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  1. Hose lengths will not make doing the switch over easy… No spare to get the pump out of the case. Thankfully, the HDs (which normally live under the pump) are on suspension fixings, so I can take them both out in no time. Bowl or such in the space then freed up to catch the coolant and I should be golden. Won’t be tonight unfortunately; already too dark in my room for that.

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