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FML (Part 2, if you’ve been paying attention…)

Full post this time, asides are getting annoying… So, if you’ve been paying attention to my blog stream, you’ll know that at the beginning of the month one of my WC pumps died, and it took a fortnight for me to get it fixed. No big deal, just means that I dropped off YT for a fortnight, and I very much hope that the three videos from the weekend make up for that (even if one of them was less than a minute). Well, guess what? Last night one of my two 1TB hard disks (striped, I should point out) decided to get in on the game and it S.M.A.R.T. failed. No great problem, I’ve known it was coming for a while, I had borrowed a 1TB from work until pay day (more on this in a moment), and I took a backup on Saturday/Sunday. So I swap out the failing disk, boot into the Intel RST BIOS and try to reinstate the array… No go. I cannot for the life of me find a way to reset an array to normal from the BIOS, short of deleting the array and making it again (which I don’t really want to do… It seems like a foolish “long way round for a shortcut” to me…) So, I’ve now taken the plunge and ordered a single 3TB Toshiba HD to replace the stripe. An extra TB of space (much needed) and no more “you must be able to get into Windows to fix the RAID array that will allow you to get into Windows…”

UPDATE: Two overnight restores and some frustrating profile-related registry issues later (Microsoft, why did you make profiles such a mess; they are a great idea hideously badly implemented…), I have a working gaming rig that’s currently uploading ┬áthe next episode of my Mindcrack FTB pack LP series. I still need to convert from MBR to GPT to take advantage of the remaining 750(ish)GB of space on the disk, but that should be easy to achieve: it’s not the boot disk, and I know I have a backup.

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