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WTF?!?! One of the two pumps on one of my two water cooling loops (the graphic card/mobo cooling loop) has packed up, and it’s no fucking time since I put the damn thing together for the first time.

It makes a rather loud knocking sound; when it first started, I thought there was a power connector in one of the case fans (it was that sort of sound), but I then noticed there was no flow on one of the flow meters in the reservoir, so quickly surmised it’s one of the pumps and shut the machine down ASAP.

Really did NOT need this right now…

UPDATE: Well I’ve got a new AlphaCool VPP655 pump and four hose clamps on the way. With a bit of luck I’ll have them all by the weekend and the swap-out of the duff pump won’t take too long; don’t want my fledgling DotA 2 skills to suffer. 🙂

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