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Just while I’m in the mood to post and I’m waiting for other things to finish, a quick DotA 2 update. My gaming with the bots knowledge has taken leaps forward when I realised that the AI isn’t actually broken. The default AI layout is a pair of bots take one lane (either off or safe, depending on Dire or Radiant), a single bot will go mid, and a single bot will go in the remaining lane. If the human player goes mid prior to game start, the AI assumes (rightly, as I now realise) that the human wants to solo mid and moves the bot to one of the outer lanes (watching the dance that sometime goes on when you do this, as the AI reshuffles, can be amusing). Alternatively, if the human goes lane support, either on the currently solo outer lane or on the currently dual outer lane, nothing much special happens.

Bot matches at medium are always a formality now, and my last hitting is slowly improving, as is my feeding (I’m not always the first blood…). Next big hurdle is likely to be multi-player bot games with m’colleague @RandomHero2K and his extended circle of friends, where I figure if I shout at myself for feeding (“STOP FEEDING, YOU N00B!!!!!!11elevenBBQWTF”) before anyone else does, it’ll remove some of the stigma when I eventually play full-on pub games.

FYI, and this really will put the cat amongst the pigeons; I’d never played a MOBA before I started playing DotA 2 a month ago now. So, when I saw videos of LoL having played a few of the tutorial levels in DotA I naively blurted out “looks like DotA”. I now know that was very wrong – it’s identical to DotA, save for the cartoon graphics and being more newb friendly; come on now – free recall? *sigh*

(DISCLAIMER: DotA, LoL and all the other MOBAs have differences (subtle, sometimes) that new players may find difficult to differentiate. Rather than hating on this, educate. You may win friends rather than enemies that way…)

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