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Help me @PurgeGamers, you’re my only hope…

(This isn’t just a cheap attempt to get Purge to read a post on my blog, but if you do read this Purge, do not place yourself under an obligation to answer. Think of this more as my “thinking out loud” about DotA 2 – I’ve tried, and just can’t manage to ask this question in 140 chars, but I believe the answer can easy fit in that many. My Twitter feed is –>)

I’m learning to not suck in DotA 2. It’s a hard job and a steep learning curve (you did warn that would be the case Purge), but it needs to be done as I love the gameplay in DotA 2. I like playing support characters, but I’m seriously confused by the way I see Purge playing support characters. Support (to me, at least) is supposed to help a carry get over the difficult early game period, and harass the enemy support/carry out of XP/CS (surely?)

But Purge seems to play most support characters as “early game carry”, and it’s confusing the heck outta me (mostly because I play a very slow game at present, esp. now I’ve started playing the Hard bots. My last hitting/denying is atrocious, so I’m mostly trying to not feed, and having limited success with that). I don’t get enough gold/sec to replicate the item builds Purge does, and the bots don’t organise as well as humans do. On those “oh so rare” occasions I do manage to Core Item build in a reasonable time, I stop sucking (mostly), but it’s oh so rare (1 win in 6 games over 2 nights).¬†And just while I’m on this tack, what’s with the distinction between “Support” and “Lane Support”…?

UPDATE: Just found the DotA 2 wiki and have answered my question regarding “Support”/”Lane Support:.

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