I’m back with Minecraft 1.6.4, a reduced mod list from season 4 (see below), and Sphax (with more mods covered soon). Sorry, made my house off camera, so to make amends, I make a quarry and a teeny-tiny BC power generation plant (twice, because a Creeper blows up the first one). Apologies for the narration on this episode, I’m working with a new dynamic compressor in Audacity, and it didn’t work quite as I was lead to believe it would.

Mod List
Minecraft Forge
Not Enough Items
Applied Energistics rv13.c
Extra Cells 1.5.1
Forestry for Minecraft (666)
Extra Bees 1.8 (2)
BuildCraft 4.1.0
Inventory Tweaks 1.56
Iron Chest 5.4.1 (629)
Morph 0.3.0
NEI Plugins
OpenBlocks 1.2.0
Thaumcraft 4.0.3a
Thaumick Tinkerer 2.0 (21)
Zan’s Minimap 1.0

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