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FML 2.0 – The “Oh, come on!” edition

So, if you pay any sort of attention to my postings here, you’ll know that back in September last year I had a pump in my WC rig die – nasty knocking sound then de nada…

The replacement (brand new, I hasten to add) pump started doing the same thing last night! Thank Bob I know the sound this time around, I shut the rig down the moment it started. Given it’s barely four months since I installed this pump, I’ve contacted Alphacool directly to see if they’ll warranty replace the pump, or at least test it and tell me what went wrong, but until next week I can’t afford to buy a new pump.

Luckily (if only for a bit of “silver lining” in all this darkness) I had found all my spare distilled water and dug out my degassing unit in preparation for changing over coolant in March (I like to be prepared, big whoop, wanna fight about it?), so I can use that in place of the failed pump temporarily (very noisy, but it functions).

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