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FML 2.1 – The “So, that’s your excuse” edition

I’ve had a reply from Alphacool, to quote: “I think this issue was caused by the silver coils. There are several different metals in a water-cooling, and when you used additional aluminum or silver coils in the water-bearing area you get a high ion migration [and] this will damage the components.” I consider this to be a crock of shit. There are a large number of high-end WC proponents who (rightly) say “use nothing but distilled water and very high purity silver, and you’ll be right for years”. I have a suspicion what has happened to this pump, and if what I suspect is true, it’s my own damn fault; guess I’ll find out when I flush the loops tomorrow.

I’ve ordered a new VPP655 (I’m not totally against Alphacool yet) and two new silver coils (and a couple of barbs for my flushing/degassing unit) from SpecialTech here in the UK, and once it all turns up I’ll see about switching everything over; new distilled water, new silver coils, and new pump. I’ll get my rig running tomorrow using my flushing/degassing rig just so I can get a video or two processed for YT.

On which subject, and I’ll make a vlog about this later, but as I tweeted earlier today I got a Google “paycheck” this morning. I’ll just say a big “thank you” to all of you that spent a few seconds watching ads on my videos for now, you lovely people paid for the new pump.

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