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PMUK Plays Minecraft S5E09

When life gives you poop? Make poop juice! A new start with the same seed, so the landscape looks much the same, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Me, I blame Dan200 (No, I don’t really…)

FYI, this is the first video that I’ve used Premiere Pro for (finally gone “prosumer” From Premiere Elements), so there may or may not be editing errors in it; please be kind if I’ve bollocksed it anywhere.

The two ComputerCraft scripts I mention in the video are:-

GPS Deploy 1.0 by neonerz (
pastebin get qLthLak5 gps-deploy

Swarm Miner by wojbie (
pastebin get LXLBZK25 disk/startup

Music for the time stretch sequences is Dark Fog by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

I’m back with Minecraft 1.6.4, a reduced mod list from season 4 (see below for the list), and Sphax for the vanilla bits (with mods covered soon).

Mod List
Opis 1.0.5
Minecraft Forge
Not Enough Items
Applied Energistics rv13.c
Extra Cells 1.5.1
Forestry for Minecraft (666)
Extra Bees 1.8 (2)
Factorization 0.8.10
Inventory Tweaks 1.56
Iron Chest 5.4.1 (629)
Morph 0.4.0
NEI Plugins
OpenBlocks 1.2.0
Thaumcraft 4.0.5b
Thaumick Tinkerer 2.0 (25)
Thermal Expansion 3.0.0 (b8)
Waila 1.4.0

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