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Been a long old while since I felt like posting anything here (other than the automated posts from YouTube…) but I finally got my ass in gear and updated from lighttpd to nginx (something I’ve been meaning to do for *SO* long). While I was at it I also got myself an SSL certificate (free, from StartSSL) and configured nginx (using this post here) to harden everything against the known SSL attacks (POODLE and BEAST). I am currently getting an SSL Labs “A” rating (funnily, the only real problem is that StartSSL’s intermediate certificate needs to be SHA2 rather than SHA1, and I suspect they’ll update that soon enough), and I’m more than happy with that.

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By PantsManUK

Twenty-plus years in IT and/or gaming in one form or another. My proudest moment was getting through Jet Pac on the Sinclair Spectrum 48K ;-)

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