State of the Union address (or “where the bloody hell are you?”)

Been ages since my last post, so I figured I might as well post a “State of the Union address”. YouTube has become a dry husk for me, I just haven’t been feeling it for a year or more. Yes, I’m still playing Minecraft, and still enjoying it, but recording was ripping the soul out of the game for me, so I stopped. Will I return? TBH, I really don’t know (and if I do, it won’t be in any sort of a “live” way).

Twitch on the other hand appeals to me (again…), I can just jump on and do whatever it is I want to do, and if folks want to watch/hang out, they can. I can dig that. If real life/work will let me start down that path, I think that’s what I’ll do.

If you follow me on Twitter (what do you mean you don’t follow me on Twitter?), you’ll already know from my stream of consciousness on there that I have an Oculus Rift. I’ve played and 100% P.O.L.L.E.N. using the Rift – a thoroughly enjoyable experience that only made me feel a little bit motion sick once (I really don’t get motion sick… I’ve been in force 9+ gales in the English Channel in an inside cabin on ferries and the like and it hasn’t bothered me in the least, so that was something new), and I will recommend it until I’m blue in the face. Mindgames – do more in this “space” and I’ll love you guys forever.

I’ve now moved on to playing Elite:Dangerous Horizons (I backed their Kickstarter), and have to say that if David Braben didn’t design this game to be played with the Rift, it would surprise me. The single most comfortable Rift experience I’ve had – the in-game character model genuinely “feels” like an extension of your own body. If anything will convince me to restart streaming, it’s this… I started a new save recently and I’m currently in my Sidewinder making my way to Imperial space – 20 jumps to go. I really like the looks of the Imperial ships and will get myself one just as soon as my in-game wallet and rankings will permit it.


Made it to Imperial space! Sold all the exploration data I collected en route and ran a few data deliveries to get my initial standing with the Empire, then had another 20 jump journey to get to a known Imperial shipyard so I could purchase an Imperial Eagle. Happy as a pig in muck doesn’t really come close. Now I’ll just buzz around Imperial space until I have enough money (and rank) for the Imperial Courier.

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