Progress, of a kind

Well, I’m out of the Python and onto the space brick – I can see why Masark hates the Type-9.

A weekend of trading in the Python got me close enough to the quoted 110 million credits (I made it to 105 million) that he advises for purchasing the Type-9, so I figured I’d make the change for the purposes of the much greater profits that the Type-9 let you grind, but the massive downside is that it’s like a container ship and has close to zero maneuverability. I had to stop playing early yesterday as it was beginning to get to me…

… but I’ll knuckle down and see if I can’t get back out of it by the end of the week – the ‘conda is a goal worth fighting the negative feelings for (and then the Imperial Cutter beyond that, but that will mean returning to Imperial Rank grind for a while). I also triggered Imperial Ally (100% too) this weekend, what with the endless trading in Imperial Space.

I’m going to try to trade to a half billion (500 million) in “liquid” cash, then see about getting Federation Ranks and ships (might as well). Then I suppose I will be in a position to do pretty much anything with a fair degree of safety. Might throw some mining (in the ‘conda) in between the rank hunts, it seems like the kind of dull “busy work” that you should try once…

On a side issue/note, I’ve been watching a fair few of CMDR Rusty Dog’s videos recently. He’s using a thing called “Voice Attack” to give voice control in E:DH. Seems interesting, so I’ve downloaded the trial and think I’ll give it a go. While I don’t need fast switching of power at present (2/4/0 is my go-to while trade grinding), I’m going to be in a position to stop the trade grind reasonably soon, and then I can do more adventurous stuff…

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