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Right, I’m getting pretty sick of the stupidity that appears to have infested UK politics (and let’s not get started on what’s happening in the US right now). Prior notice: I’m a card-carrying member of the Liberal Democrats: I will have things to say about them shortly.

The Tories have lurched so far to the right in the shadow of the EU referendum that UKIP have no place to stand anymore, and I genuinely wonder when the cabinet will don their black shirts. I’m trying very hard to not invoke Godwin’s Law here, but seriously? Nationalistic jingoism aside, the current cabinet is making hay while the referendum sun is shining, and that could oh-so-easily be their downfall; they have such a narrow mandate from the referendum, but they think it’s a license to print law.

The Labour party appears to have imploded over on the left (@SteveReedMP amiright?). Collectively get your shit together, support your leader, and start attacking the Tories head-on (@Kier_Starmer has the right idea). The EU referendum was “won” by the narrowest of margins by the Leave campaign on the back of what can only be described as a mountain of lies (not that the Project Fear peddled by the Remain campaign was any better) – but the Tories seem intent to use that narrowly specified result (lest we forget the referendum question was basically “Should Britain remain in the EU?”) to push through any and all policy they wish to. Grow some balls, FFS!

As for my own party, the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron has seemingly unified huge support behind the idea that the EU referendum was won by the people who now totally regret the choice they made. So what? David Cameron almost certainly was attempting to use the referendum to bolster his flagging support in the Tory party, but almost certainly many people used it to protest against the Tory party that was then ruling, and the lack of a decent opposition to said ruling party. Well, you folks have gotten the ruling party you deserve; totally unelected and with no manifesto. Whatever laws this bunch of jackals manage to push through in the remaining years of this parliament will have your fingerprints all over them.

It’s disgusting that the LibDems think that ignoring more than 50% of the population is a way to campaign. Please, get off that horse soon. The enemy is the unelected cabinet, focus on them. Their mandate to exist is singular – remove the UK from the EU. Force the Tories into a swift and hard exit, and then you can campaign on the back of the destruction of the British economy that will bring.

Finally, my op. ed. The population has made it’s opinion known, and the Leavers “won”. If we want the population to understand the vast mistake they have made, the exit needs to be swift and hard, and the lessons learned need to be tough ones. I very much hope that a future Labour (or better yet LibDem) government will have the opportunity to have a new referendum asking the British people if we should re-join the EU, and I very much hope that they will resoundingly say “yes!”. As for the humble pie that will then have to be eaten? Bring me a spoon, and plenty of custard…

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