Welp, the weekend saw me finally make it to Rear Admiral in Elite: Dangerous, so I’m the proud owner of all the largest playable ships in E:D now: the Anaconda, the Federal Corvette, and the Imperial Cutter. With the exception of the ‘Conda (currently my “go to” for combat), these are stock ships as they came from the shipyard.

First job after is for me to get no less than a billion credits, that way I can afford to set up the ‘Vette and Cutter (‘Vette will be my new combat ship, and the Cutter will be set up for mining). So, it’s back to Quince and I’m ferrying passengers to the tourist satellite and back, which gets me Explorer rank and cash. Yes, planetary scan missions can get you more cash, but you don’t get any Explorer rank for doing that, and I need to get one of the three major ranks to Elite so I can get access to Shinrata Dezra.

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By PantsManUK

Twenty-plus years in IT and/or gaming in one form or another. My proudest moment was getting through Jet Pac on the Sinclair Spectrum 48K ;-)

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