Rank Grind; That’s Duke PantsManUK to you…

Imperial Cutter
Mmm... Imperial Cutter

Long time coming, but thanks to the Quince passenger mission loophole I was able to rank grind myself up to Duke for the Empire. I have a shiny new Cutter to go along with it (and a Beluga for the passenger missions).

I’ve also been (somewhat in parallel) grinding Federation rank. Made it to Warrant Officer so far, but I’m not buying the Fed ships until I can get a Corvette.

It’s a real shame there’s nowhere to grind Fed (anymore) that’s quite as good as Quince has been for Empire. I’m plodding backward and forward in a combat-rigged ‘Conda between Sothis and Ceos doing anything I can (mostly data transport and eliminating pirate lords), but there’s only one local power that’s Fed aligned, and even now that I’m allied with them I’m lucky to get more than a couple of missions off of them. Board logging gets me a few more, but once round the board log only takes a couple minutes (open, a couple of private, and solo), then you’re stuck waiting for the board to naturally refresh.

Oh well. Once I get my computer running again – Windows Update borked it overnight, so tonight will be a fresh install of 1607 to try to fix some other problems I’ve been having of late – I’ll continue plodding Fed rank, really need the credits…

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