Founders Home World Permit Issued

I have access to Shinrarta Dezra/Jameson Memorial, finally. Having gotten my Exploration rank to Pioneer (20% ish), mostly through the Quince passenger mission exploit (if I’m honest), I was struggling to get it to go much further in what I consider to be a timely way. So I did the only sensible thing… hit up […]


Welp, the weekend saw me finally make it to Rear Admiral in Elite: Dangerous, so I’m the proud owner of all the largest playable ships in E:D now: the Anaconda, the Federal Corvette, and the Imperial Cutter. With the exception of the ‘Conda (currently my “go to” for combat), these are stock ships as they […]

Rank Grind; That’s Duke PantsManUK to you…

Long time coming, but thanks to the Quince passenger mission loophole I was able to rank grind myself up to Duke for the Empire. I have a shiny new Cutter to go along with it (and a Beluga for the passenger missions). I’ve also been (somewhat in parallel) grinding Federation rank. Made it to Warrant […]

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