I’ve got a Minecraft server

OK, so despite my last post, things have changed again. It’s now a plain Vanilla 1.8.1 with a bunch of mods installed. In order to connect to it and get the very best gaming experience you *will* need the following prerequisite mods installed:- Risugami’s ModLoader Flan’s ModLoaderMP SpaceToad’s MCForge JCLA3114’s XP Orb Fix (Optional, the server […]

I’m getting a Minecraft server

Actually, it’d be more accurate to say I’ve got a Minecraft server (and Ventrilo server) from Multiplay, but I’m not ready to have friends on yet. Right now, it’s a default Bukkit server running on vanilla 1.8.1, but I intend to install the various machine mods (IndustrialCraft2, BuildCraft2.2, AdditionalPipes, RedPower2, Wireless Redstone, PortalGun, etc., etc.) so […]

When is Minecraft 1.8 out?

In answer to the prayers of the braying masses on Twitter who are bombarding Jeb with “When is 1.8 out?” tweets, we have http://whenisminecraftout.net/ that answers the question beautifully in a single sentence. Long version? Minecraft 1.8 will be released as a pair of updates. Part one being the version taken to PAX (with some additional bug […]

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