Website news and rank grind update

I’ve updated the underlying OS on the website to latest Ubuntu Server LTS, so WordPress is now running on PHP 7.0 (and may indeed be a little bit faster than it was before). Otherwise, same nginx and mysql, so we’ll see. And the rank grind goes very well, I’m sitting at 89% and don’t intend […]

Imperial rank grind update

Quick update: Long day at work reduced me to a single 2-hour play session, at the end of which I was basically falling asleep in my headset 🙂 Long story short; 25% Lord (mostly thanks to a metric tonne of data transport missions, and a 200 ly smuggling mission I didn’t realise I had picked […]

Fed up with trade grind? Try rank grind…

Having (finally) made it to step 7 of Masark’s Guide, and run a good few hours of loops, the trade grind was getting to me. I decided to switch over to Imperial Rank grind instead: what’s the point in having enough cash to buy all the Imperial ships if you can’t because you don’t have […]

State of the Union address (or “where the bloody hell are you?”)

Been ages since my last post, so I figured I might as well post a “State of the Union address”. YouTube has become a dry husk for me, I just haven’t been feeling it for a year or more. Yes, I’m still playing Minecraft, and still enjoying it, but recording was ripping the soul out […]

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