Minecraft got fun (again)

WARNING! This post will suggest you downgrade! Don’t worry though, it’s easy to come back to current… ūüôā

I’d been getting bored of Minecraft recently. Sure, v1.8.1 is out and has it’s pretty NPC villages and all, but when you’ve dug out a half dozen 80×30 mob grinders on a half dozen maps, the thought of digging out yet another starts to grate. Then I watched the starts of a series of vlogs by Yogscast, and my love of the game has returned in spade-fulls.

The secret? It’s a mod pack called Technic 2¬†by Kakermix, and it’s a bit of a beast; not to install, that took a few seconds, but to make use of – more on that in a moment however.,

So, what do you get that has rekindled my enjoyment? It’d be easier to explain what you don’t get because there are just so many mods inside it:

Note: Before anyone notices and complains, I “borrowed” the above list from the Yogscast guys video… I wasn’t about to re-type it!

The big ticket things are machines, electrical power generation, automation… the list goes on and on. You can build machines to mine/quarry for you, pass the results through pipes to automated crafting benches, and have them send their output to auto-stacking chests, all without the need for any further player interaction after the initial set up.

Now, all this loveliness comes at a price, and that price is you must be running v1.7.3 to have the many mods working in harmony. Having said that though, someone has thought of that too, and a further tool lets you patch your Minecraft installation back and forth with relative ease.

Finally, if you do decide to take the plunge and install Technic, in addition to watching the Yogscast videos, can I humbly point you at Garfu’s excellent¬†Minecraft: Technic Modpack Guide

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Updated: Minecraft v1.8.1 – initial thoughts

So, is it just me? Every time it rains, it also rains inside the house I’m building. Wooden stairs make up the roof, and the ground floor is wooden planks, but the rain appears to ignore that and falls straight through to the basement. I can either chop out the wooden blocks one at a time and put them back in (which makes them solid against the rain again) or put down a layer of dirt which really is solid against the rain.

And as for the updated minecraft4kids HD texture pack, stone blocks feature tiny fire and portal texture squares on them (making the pack pretty much unusable for me).

Update: The problem with stone blocks in minecraft4kids was actually a problem in Kahr’s MCPatcher HD Fix. All you need to do is reapply the patch a few times and that makes it apply successfully.

It’s not been a great v1.8 experience so far.

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Updated: Minecraft v1.8.1 is out

Update: The first patch to the v1.8 release has also been released. Not too sure what’s changed as I’m at work and unable to run it to find out.

That’s right, the first tranche of Minecraft v1.8, the so-called “Adventure Update” has been released to beta for real, along with the accompanying server.

Lots of new features to play with, including (but not limited to):

  • *Tons* more food stuffs, and the food stacks now (plenty of people unhappy about these two…)
  • Unpopulated NPC villages
  • Ravines, caverns and canyons
  • Sprinting
  • And a whole bunch of other stuff

On the server side the big change is a new “console” that shows memory usage and online players as well as the log; given I’ve already updated my server to v1.8 (and made a new map to get all the new terrain features), I must say I’m totally in love with the new console, it should make looking after the server much nicer. Not sure if any of the wrapper/server script add-ons have caught up with it yet (SimpleServer hadn’t when I checked earlier), but a little bit of patience goes a long way.

Get the update in-game if you’re running v1.7.X (remember to disable your HD patch etc before updating – easiest just to force an update to stock v1.7.5), or alternatively get it from the Minecraft website¬†(along with the server).

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When is Minecraft 1.8 out?

In answer to the prayers of the braying masses on Twitter who are bombarding @Jeb_" href="http://twitter.com/jeb_">Jeb with “When is 1.8 out?” tweets, we have¬†http://whenisminecraftout.net/¬†that answers the question beautifully in a single sentence.

Long version? Minecraft 1.8 will be released as a pair of updates. Part one being the version taken to PAX (with some additional bug fixes) *hopefully* out on September 8th, and part two being with Mojang only knows what in it and it’ll be out when it’s out.


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Hello world!

My first post… and what to say?

Well, I quite like the default theme, so I see little point in rushing to get a new theme done. There *will* be a new theme, but not for a while…

Stuff I’m doing right now, in gaming terms:

  • Terraria; got a server and everything. Only been playing this for a little while though, so not much “action” to speak of.
  • Minecraft; also got a server. Been playing this for quite a long while, so plenty happening there. Taking a bit of a back seat to Terraria though.
  • Flight simulation; my sim-pit project may be a little stalled, but that doesn’t stop me needing to fly for EuroHarmony VA. I’m real close to the end of the Hub Hop ProPilot event and looking forward to not having to reboot my current gaming rig every Saturday just to switch from Minecraft/Terraria serving to Flight simulation and back again.
  • New gaming rig; coming along slowly, but progressing nonetheless. More on this once I’m ready to tell more.
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