Blog updates

Been a long old while since I felt like posting anything here (other than the automated posts from YouTube…) but I finally got my ass in gear and updated from lighttpd to nginx (something I’ve been meaning to do for *SO* long). While I was at it I also got myself an SSL certificate (free, […]

Good news…

I bought a new graphic card; an EVGA GTX 770 SuperClocked ATX. đŸ˜€ Thanks to a very generous upgrade deal offered by O2, I was able to buy a Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet at a very good price point, which I then sold on eBay for the current going rate for such devices, and at […]

FML 2.1 – The “So, that’s your excuse” edition

I’ve had a reply from Alphacool, to quote: “I think this issue was caused by the silver coils. There are several different metals in a water-cooling, and when you used additional aluminum or silver coils in the water-bearing area you get a high ion migration [and] this will damage the components.” I consider this to be a crock of […]

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