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If you watch me at all (either on or YouTube) you’ll know that I now exclusively use the lovely 128x Sphax PureDBCraft texture pack (I veery occasionally fire up with “default”, but usually only so I can get the FML folders built). I supplement this with such Sphax additions as are available for the mods I’m currently playing with. I like the light-hearted “cartooniness” of the artwork, and it’s otherwise very pretty. If I have one complaint, the clay texture leaves a lot to be desired. To enable HD textures and fonts (and a whole lot more besides), I currently use Minecraft Forge; other HD enablers are available.

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Change Log

2012-03-13 – Added texture pack details for Season 4.
2012-03-13 – Added details for Equivalent Exchange for Season 4.
2012-03-13 – Updated version of MCForge to Recommended for Season 4.
2012-03-13 – Clarified optional mods for Season 4.

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