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Been a long old while since I felt like posting anything here (other than the automated posts from YouTube…) but I finally got my ass in gear and updated from lighttpd to nginx (something I’ve been meaning to do for *SO* long). While I was at it I also got myself an SSL certificate (free, from StartSSL) and configured nginx (using this post here) to harden everything against the known SSL attacks (POODLE and BEAST). I am currently getting an SSL Labs “A” rating (funnily, the only real problem is that StartSSL’s intermediate certificate needs to be SHA2 rather than SHA1, and I suspect they’ll update that soon enough), and I’m more than happy with that.

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Ingress and “Cheating” (pt. 2, if you will)

My last post on this subject was a little bit of a whinge, this one will not be.

I’ve had a teeny, tiny epiphany on this subject, but it puts me firmly in the naughty camp. See, it goes a little something like this…

Mobile device AGPS is shit. No ifs, buts or maybes, it’s straight up useless. Some devices do a far better job than others; Samsung have burned their bridges in my book after the Galaxy Nexus and the damp string they used for the GPS, but I know a lot of my Croydon ENL brethren (and sisteren) swear by current gen Samsung, and the Sony I’m currently rocking for my main device is pretty good once it gets a lock, and it’s pretty good at getting a lock, but the fact remains that for accurate GPS you really can’t rely on AGPS.

So what to do? For car-based navigation I’ve used CoPilot Live since my first Android device, and when I was cursed with owning the Galaxy Nexus I picked up a no-name Chinese Bluetooth GPS unit from eBay. It wasn’t expensive (even back then), and it’s SiRFSTAR III based (so it’s dead quick to pick up a lock, even when moving), and I get sub-10M accuracy off it almost all the time…

…and it would be nice to be able to use it for Ingressing. Only problem being you can’t use mock location when Ingressing, and the (many) Bluetooth GPS softwares for Android rely on having mock location enabled.

In my investigations of the “black hat” Ingress environment, I came across a great forum post that explained how to get mock locations without using Android’s Mock Location feature (not difficult, as it turns out, but you have to have a rooted device to do it). The post actually demonstrated this in reference to using fake GPS positioning (for Ingress ghosting), but the technique works equally well with Bluetooth GPS provisioning software, so I can have a second device running with accurate location thanks to black hatting. And in doing that, I’m flat-out breaking the Ingress ToS (twice, in actual fact).

Ingress “cheating” – a grey area at the very least…

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