PMUK Plays MC Season 3 End

I recorded the final episode of season three last night – went to the End and slew the dragon (that’s a boss fight to be proud of Notch – even with a whole bunch of EE/IC2 power items, it took a good 5 minutes to kill him…)

I’m now working towards season four. I’ve got my server running v1.2.3 vanilla (it’s whitelist and I’m not going to give out slots to, please don’t ask. My #minecraftchums know how to get hold of me for the address), and my client(s) are running v1.2.3 with newest modloader and MLMP, and thanks to being mostly vanilla, I’ve run MCPatcher and will use Vattic’s Faithful texture pack for the season, assuming that the EE textures for Vattic’s are updated to v6 sometime.

The world is in place, I just need to move the spawn point to a nearby NCP village I’ve found, and set up a few signs (rules, can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em) and starter resources for the other players, then find a nice plot of land far enough away that I can record season four with a decent starting area and without running into anyone’s mine workings once I get the EE mining toys – huge mine workings will feature in season four.

As for getting season four under way, I’m just waiting for MC Forge to release a v1.2.3 version (and LexManos is hard at work on that, looking at their Jenkins), and then EE will be the last piece of the puzzle. Only waiting on two things is oddly relaxing, strangely enough…

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Freeing up some block IDs

I’m giving some serious thought to uninstalling Exanadu’s Sponges from my LP series. I can clear water using the Volcanite Amulet, and lava looses all its fears using the same item, so Sponges is less necessary. It’ll give me a pair of Block IDs back too! I may yet be able to install Zippinus’ Advanced Machines and/or ThunderDark’s Modular Force Field System (“what nuclear explosion problems?” with MFFS installed).

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Zippinus’ Advanced Machines for v1.1

Zippinus has updated his Advanced Machines for IC2 to work in v1.1, and I’m not altogether sure I want to install it (more on that soon). It’s the same Adv. Machines we’ve all come to know and love (the Advanced Macerator and Extractor, along with the stupendous Advanced Solar Flowers) and if I had block IDs to spare I’d install it in less than a heart beat, but, given the fun and games I had getting Portal Gun v4 and Wireless Redstone installed yesterday, I’m pretty sure I don’t have sufficient spare block IDs at this juncture 🙁

Kinda annoying, I really wanted to use the Advanced Solar Arrays…

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PMUK Plays Minecraft – New Series Alert

Well, if you haven’t seen already, I’ve started (yet) another LP series on YouTube. This series is the logical progression from my “Plays 1.0” series, and as such it is inheriting the “primary series” roll. You should think of it as “Plays 1.0 Season 2”, but I’ve installed 1.1 and all the appropriate mods (including BC 3 alpha) for it.

Episode 1 is up already, but in a break from tradition (and I blame BDoubleO entirely for this) I’ve “skipped” a lot of early stuff (punching wood, living in a hole, strip mining like a mad man) and already have a pretty good house, a well specified EE room, and the starts of an IC2 room. More fun and excitement to come!

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PMUK Plays 1.0 and Minecraft 1.1

I’ve just done my traditional “check on mod support for the current release, having waited a little while”, and it turns out that most everything is v1.1 now. With the exception of Advanced Machines, Equivalent Exchange, and Thermometer for IC2, my “modpack” is v1.1 compatible.

As for specifics: Advanced Machines is a bit of a pisser; I am really liking Solar Arrays and have an LV in Season 2 already. As for all the rest, Alblaka has introduced his machine upgrades and made them unnecessary IMHO. Nonetheless, Zippinus has stated he’s working on 1.1 compatibility, so I may very well end up with the best of both worlds (hmm… vanilla IC2 machines with plenty of Overclocks, powered by AM Solar Arrays… Interesting…).

Equivalent Exchange v6.0 will be 1.1 compatible and is in beta testing right now (thanks for the heads up Direwolf20). I’m looking forward to some of the changes, but dreading others: my diamond factory has been *completely* nerfed by the looks of it.

Thermometer for IC2 is totally non-blocking however; I can get by without this for a good long while yet, I may not even bother with Nuclear.

So, when AM and EE make it to 1.1 compatibility, I think I’ll be upgrading.

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