PMUK Plays MC Season 3 End

I recorded the final episode of season three last night – went to the End and slew the dragon (that’s a boss fight to be proud of Notch – even with a whole bunch of EE/IC2 power items, it took a good 5 minutes to kill him…) I’m now working towards season four. I’ve got […]

Zippinus’ Advanced Machines for v1.1

Zippinus has updated his Advanced Machines for IC2 to work in v1.1, and I’m not altogether sure I want to install it (more on that soon). It’s the same Adv. Machines we’ve all come to know and love (the Advanced Macerator and Extractor, along with the stupendous Advanced Solar Flowers) and if I had block […]

PMUK Plays Minecraft – New Series Alert

Well, if you haven’t seen already, I’ve started (yet) another LP series on YouTube. This series is the logical progression from my “Plays 1.0” series, and as such it is inheriting the “primary series” roll. You should think of it as “Plays 1.0 Season 2”, but I’ve installed 1.1 and all the appropriate mods (including […]

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