So, Minecraft 1.2…

…is out. I am both over-whelmed and under-whelmed in equal measure. I’m *so* looking forward to cats for the anti-Creeperness of them (not actually a huge fan of cats IRL, but I can tolerate them in MC if they give Creepers the Fear) and excited by the Jungle biomes (house in a tree, you know […]

I’ve got a Minecraft server

OK, so despite my last post, things have changed again. It’s now a plain Vanilla 1.8.1 with a bunch of mods installed. In order to connect to it and get the very best gaming experience you *will* need the following prerequisite mods installed:- Risugami’s ModLoader Flan’s ModLoaderMP SpaceToad’s MCForge JCLA3114’s XP Orb Fix (Optional, the server […]

I’m getting a Minecraft server

Actually, it’d be more accurate to say I’ve got a Minecraft server (and Ventrilo server) from Multiplay, but I’m not ready to have friends on yet. Right now, it’s a default Bukkit server running on vanilla 1.8.1, but I intend to install the various machine mods (IndustrialCraft2, BuildCraft2.2, AdditionalPipes, RedPower2, Wireless Redstone, PortalGun, etc., etc.) so […]

When is Minecraft 1.8 out?

In answer to the prayers of the braying masses on Twitter who are bombarding Jeb with “When is 1.8 out?” tweets, we have that answers the question beautifully in a single sentence. Long version? Minecraft 1.8 will be released as a pair of updates. Part one being the version taken to PAX (with some additional bug […]

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