PMUK Plays Minecraft – New Series Alert

Well, if you haven’t seen already, I’ve started (yet) another LP series on YouTube. This series is the logical progression from my “Plays 1.0” series, and as such it is inheriting the “primary series” roll. You should think of it as “Plays 1.0 Season 2”, but I’ve installed 1.1 and all the appropriate mods (including BC 3 alpha) for it.

Episode 1 is up already, but in a break from tradition (and I blame BDoubleO entirely for this) I’ve “skipped” a lot of early stuff (punching wood, living in a hole, strip mining like a mad man) and already have a pretty good house, a well specified EE room, and the starts of an IC2 room. More fun and excitement to come!

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Tick, tick, ticky, tick… Doubled up on the Collector and Condenser, and all four are now working away like demons on episode 6.

What’s the plan, I hear you all ask? Make an Anti-Matter Relay, says I. This is the (for the present) final EE episode, as this will move my EE production into high gear. Once I have a pair of AMRs, I will pretty much have all the Mobius Fuel (and the lower fuels) and Dark/Red Matter (and lower matter) I could every need, especially once I double up again to four Collectors/Condensers with AMRs inside the cros of them.

This episode is going to take a pretty long time though; making the first eight Dark Matter Blocks for the first AMR will take something like 32 Minecraft days (non-stop)! Of course, once I have the first AMR, the second should be much quicker to produce Dark Matter Blocks for if I can keep the first AMR filled with EMC (can you say “strip mining for gash Dirt, Gravel, Sand and Cobblestone”?). Eventually (past episode 10 in my current plans) I will make a Cobblestone factory, which is of my own design (I feature it in my 1.8.1 LP series, but then figured out how to make it “stack” for huge quantities of Cobblestone using a single Obsidian/Teleport pipe), to keep the AMRs fed with EMC.

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Seriously, I don’t think this start could have gone any better. I propose always starting LPs when I have EE like this going forward. Any how, ticks throughout again; made an Energy Condenser and got some Gold Ingots from Cobblestone using it, then finished off the fill-out of the Sugar Cane Farm using home-grown Sugar Cane.

Episode 5 may take a little bit longer as I intend to double-up the Equivalent Exchange room with a second Collector/Condenser pairing, and get them both working (Collector on Glowstone Blocks to Mobius Fuel, Condenser on Cobblestone to Dark Matter Blocks). Also, I’ll hope to get a Cactus farm laid out (again, in preparation for getting around to doing the Forestry machine to harvest it for me automatically).

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You know, I should have started like this before now; it’s all going so smooth…

Everything I wanted to achieve in episode 3 I did (and I really should start processing and uploading these, as this must be incredibly frustrating for you folks); made an Energy Collector and processed some Glowstone Dust into Mobius Fuel (plus the other non-EE job; putting down all the soil for the Sugar Cane Farm).

That takes us on to episode 4; make an Energy Condenser and process some Cobblestone into Gold Ingots (a whole stack for preference). Plus, try my damnedest to get the Sugar Cane Farm populated with Cane. Finally, if there’s any time to spare, I would like to make a start on getting rid of the closest RP2 Rubberwood Tree to my house, because it’s “world o’ shade” is making leaving the house a little bit dangerous, even in broad daylight.

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Again, I successfully ticked all the boxes on an episode (2, in this case, and in double-quick time) so I can move onto episode 3.

Another relatively simple exercise (especially as I have plenty of diamond and glowstone now); make an Energy Collector and process some Mobius Fuel. I’ll also try to finish off the dirt layout on the Sugar Cane “Farm”.

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So, episode 1 completed with all boxes ticked, time I explained episode 2.

The plan is quite a small/simple one, get some Glowstone Dust and make a Philosopher’s Stone (my first proper step down the alchemy path). The Glowstone Dust necessarily means a trip to the Nether, so I’ll need a Nether Portal, and that in turn means collecting or making Obsidian; I’ll make an Obsidianator, it gives guaranteed results, unlike searching for natural Obsidian.

Once again, I did some of this before I left for work this morning, but no spoilers today ;-).

Update: All tasks completed with total success. I made a small (10 block) Obsidianator and got 20 Obsidian from it without too many lava accidents, made a Nether Portal and journeyed to the Nether. After a little hunting and digging a spiral staircase I found a Glowstone outcropping and got the necessary Glowstone Dust; no Ghasts were involved, which was *really* nice. Finally, came home and made the Philosopher’s Stone to close out the episode (sorta…)

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(Re: the season/episode numbering, I’m hopeful 🙂 I’ve learned an important lesson from the end of S1)

New regime with season 2; I want to post my plans for each episode in advance so you all know what is coming and have a chance to comment. With that in mind (along with my “EE as soon as possible” plan), episode 1 will see me found a small underground house (I did this this morning), sink a strip mineshaft and find some Diamond and Redstone Dust in preparation for a Nether trip for Glowstone Dust in episode 2 (then I will make a Philosopher’s Stone), and finally make a big sugar cane farm (21×21 or thereabouts) so I can make an Energy Collector a little more easily in episode 3. By the end of episode 1 I also hope to have a D-765 Diamond Drill and a Batpack, and a small Solar Flower/BatBox combo to charge them both.

Chances are there’ll be a lot of “off-camera” work for the Redstone Dust and Diamond, everything else I should be good to do “on-camera”.

Update: S1E001 completed, and all boxes ticked: I got the small underground house built (a single 7x7x3 room, with a bed even!), a small strip mine that yielded a surprisingly good number of Diamonds and Redstone Dust, a Diamond Drill, a Batpack, a Generator (realised I couldn’t make anything more complex as far as power generation goes without a proper IC2 machine room), and I made a good start on a 21×21 Sugar Cane farm (which will tick all the boxes once I make a start on the Forestry machines).

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