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PMUK Plays 1.0 – End of Season 1/Start of Season 2

That’s right: over the weekend, in a freak accident while I was hiding out the night, I burned to death in a lava flow (and don’t ask me where the lava came from, I’ve no idea).

I started Season 2 this morning with a brand new, totally random seed – it’ll be on the S02E01 video I’m finishing recording tonight, but since I have 20-odd videos left of S01 to upload to YT, it’ll be February before you see it, so I’ll post it here in an update after work. Got a really nice spawn on the new world; I’m actually looking forward to doing some exploring come the future.

New season will run a little differently to the last (would be boring if I did exactly the same again); I’m going to be agressive in the race to dark matter blocks and will devote the first few episodes to trying to get my EE up and running as quickly as I can (Philosopher’s Stone in E02, a collector in E03, a condenser in E04… that kind of aggressive >:-)… Then and only then will I start on the IC2 and Buildcraft/Forestry stuff, and once I do start on the IC2/BC stuff, I’ll be going straight into a modular house. However, I will be going 100% renewables in my energy production again (both IC2 and Buildcraft).

Update: The seed for season 2 of PMUK Plays 1.0 is -3154955148661246947.

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