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PMUK Plays MC Season 3 End

I recorded the final episode of season three last night – went to the End and slew the dragon (that’s a boss fight to be proud of Notch – even with a whole bunch of EE/IC2 power items, it took a good 5 minutes to kill him…)

I’m now working towards season four. I’ve got my server running v1.2.3 vanilla (it’s whitelist and I’m not going to give out slots to, please don’t ask. My #minecraftchums know how to get hold of me for the address), and my client(s) are running v1.2.3 with newest modloader and MLMP, and thanks to being mostly vanilla, I’ve run MCPatcher and will use Vattic’s Faithful texture pack for the season, assuming that the EE textures for Vattic’s are updated to v6 sometime.

The world is in place, I just need to move the spawn point to a nearby NCP village I’ve found, and set up a few signs (rules, can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em) and starter resources for the other players, then find a nice plot of land far enough away that I can record season four with a decent starting area and without running into anyone’s mine workings once I get the EE mining toys – huge mine workings will feature in season four.

As for getting season four under way, I’m just waiting for MC Forge to release a v1.2.3 version (and LexManos is hard at work on that, looking at their Jenkins), and then EE will be the last piece of the puzzle. Only waiting on two things is oddly relaxing, strangely enough…

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PC Gaming

So, Minecraft 1.2…

…is out. I am both over-whelmed and under-whelmed in equal measure. I’m *so* looking forward to cats for the anti-Creeperness of them (not actually a huge fan of cats IRL, but I can tolerate them in MC if they give Creepers the Fear) and excited by the Jungle biomes (house in a tree, you know it!).


Means the end of YALPS (Yet Another LP Series) – not a terribly bad thing, it’s starting to get a little boring for me and I’m running out of stuff to do. No spoilers, but I really don’t have very much else I want to achieve. The new start is always the exciting part of any LP series (for me).


I am looking at changing things up with the next LP series. I’m going unimod – I’ll upgrade to 1.2 once Equivalent Exchange updates and run with just EE. It’ll be tough to start with (no hella-mining with an IC2 Diamond Drill while I build up to the EE Power Toys), but I also believe it’ll give me the most exciting mid/end game experience. Plus, waiting on a single mod to update is a lot easier than waiting on ten or more to update (in addition to the pre-reqs, that is…).

Oh, and it’ll (potentially) be SMP. #minecraftchums, I’m going to be getting my server running 1.2 and EE, so it’ll be a lot easier for you all (and I) to get up and running without “ID Conflict” problems like I had for my current series (and basically stopped me running the server with 1.1).

Finally, it’ll be (rightly) called Season Four; by all rights the current LP should be called Season Three, and this’ll be the fourth lot of Minecraft LP videos I’ve done. So, I’m looking forward to “PMUK Plays Minecraft Season 4”, and I hope you all will too.

P.S. Expect regular world downloads for this new season. It’ll be a whole lot easier for me to release worlds when there’s only the one mod installed. How often sounds good? Every 5 episodes? 😉

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