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Sniper Elite V2

Management Summary: If you have a PC, XBox 360 or PS3, and like third-person shooters that benefit from a little thought, you *need* to get Sniper Elite V2.

I bought it on day of release (for PC, expecting next day delivery from Amazon, it arrived three days later… *sigh*) and I’ve been enjoying every second of it that I’ve had a chance to play so far – I’m only on the second mission, but I’m replaying each mission exhaustively to find all the bonus lewts (bottles of wine and gold ingots); trying to figure out ways to get up-close and personal for the hands-on kill, trying to figure angles to take out isolated soldiers, getting into stupid ranged fire-fights with opposing snipers, and most difficult of all for me, getting a hang of the ballistics at Sniper Elite difficulty.

I enjoyed Sniper Elite well enough, but not to the same visceral extent I’m enjoying this… The immersion is the best I’ve enjoyed in a third-person shooter, beating Splinter Cell (a *very* hard thing to do in my book). No videos, I don’t have spare disk-space to transcode 1080p footage to 720p for YT right now.

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