Scan Computers – Sometimes you can be *so* infuriating

Well, my new Alphacool pump arrived before the weekend (well done SpecialTech), but despite the Scan website saying they had the hose clamps in stock when I ordered, by the time they came to pick the order (next morning), they were out of stock. So… still no working PC. I’ve subsequently cancelled the order (your […]


WTF?!?!¬†One of the two pumps on one of my two water cooling loops (the graphic card/mobo cooling loop) has packed up, and it’s no fucking time since I put the damn thing together for the first time. It makes a rather loud knocking sound; when it first started, I thought there was a power connector […]

The “super-fast” broadband lie

Another moan… Dearest BT/ISPs/The Government, Isn’t it about time you admitted to the lie that is the super-fast broadband roll-out. If the majority of the population were still using dial-up, then yes, broadband could be considered “super-fast”; but we’re not, we’re mostly using ADSL now, so the perceived national average is what? 2-5Mbps… That being […]

Zippinus’ Advanced Machines for v1.1

Zippinus has updated his Advanced Machines for IC2 to work in v1.1, and I’m not altogether sure I want to install it (more on that soon). It’s the same Adv. Machines we’ve all come to know and love (the Advanced Macerator and Extractor, along with the stupendous Advanced Solar Flowers) and if I had block […]

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